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Brand: Anna Lotan
An exfoliating AHA cream gel designed, especially for fragile skin types, to enhance the skin renewal process. Accelerated renewal gradually strengthens fragile skin types making them more resilient to environmental stress.AHA exfoliation is further supported by the enzymatic activity of Pineapple e..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A refreshing facial toner formulated as a light, oil free gel that soothes the skin, increasing its moisture binding capacity. Contains moisturizing components that are similar to those naturally present in the skin. This composition provides optimal skin tolerance and leaves a comfortable, soothing..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A calming gel mask especially designed to quickly cool, sooth and relieve redness of the skin. Optimal topical treatment following Resurfacing, Abrasion, Peels, Minor Burns or Over-heated skin. Contains a wealth of polysaccharides (Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Vera, Mallow) that intensively hydrate the ..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
The flagship of Anna Lotan Laboratories. This light moisturizing cream has gained its reputation as the dermatologists first preference for T-zone seborrheic condition and various other conditions of dermatitis, scaliness or localized T-zone redness. A soothing emulsion that offers optimal daily, mo..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
Barbados Facial Toner for Oily Problem Skin. This herbal facial toner is formulated for oily and problem skin, with delicate Cucumber juice to soothe and tone the skin, and Witch Hazel extract to give it a firming effect.The aromatic Rosemary and Lavender oils act as natural antioxidants, provide na..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
Mineral Cleansing Gel. This delicate cleansing gel contains softening seaweed with marine silt. Seabuckthorn extract eliminates over-drying of the skin.Creates a rich lather to leave skin feeling pure, moist and smooth. The gel soap consistency effectively softens and cleanses the skin without over-..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A non-oily protective day cream excellent for delicate oily or combination skin. Provides wide spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection together with the necessary moisture balance designed for these skin types. Leaves a fine protective barrier ideal for oily, large-pored skin leaving a smooth sensation.Contai..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A calming daily emulsion formulated for sensitive, oily/combination skin. Absorbed easily, it leaves an immediate calming and moisturized sensation without any shine or oily after-feel. Clinically tested and found to be hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. Formulated with more than 99% mi..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A gentle, exfoliating gel that easily softens and removes excessive oiliness and dead cell buildup from skin and scalp.Features and Benefits:Rich with premium oils (Olive, Jojoba, Macadamia and Noni seed oil) and soothing herbal extracts (Burdock root and Marigold) that provide optimal skin softenin..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A delicate styling, repair cream gel, enriched with herbal extracts (Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Honeysuckle and Tree Moss) to sooth, condition and improve the hygienic condition of the scalp, refresh the hair, leave a glossy appearance and prevent split ends.A paraben free, skin friendly preservative sys..
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Anna Lotan Barbados Seba Foam Mild Cleanser 200 ml
Brand: Anna Lotan
A mild purifying foam, made entirely (100%) from sustainable, natural origin ingredients. Especially designed to cleanse and gently exfoliate oily and combination skin. Contains a novel molecule that combines the water soluble amino-acid Glycine with the oil soluble Undecylenic Acid, to balance the ..
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Anna Lotan Barbados Soothing Emulsion 75 ml
Brand: Anna Lotan
Anna Lotan - Barbados Soothing Emulsion is intended for the care of the sensitive skin of the face and body. After application, the skin is renewed and successfully resists external influences. Its active ingredients soften, protect the skin, increase its elasticity, reduce trans-epidermal moisture ..
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