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Brand: Anna Lotan
Soothing Pure Natural Gel. The pressed juice of the inner part (filet) of Aloe Brabadensis leaves form the basis for this soothing biological gel.Aloe gel is known for its beneficial effects on the skin: soothing the skin after burns or sunburn, moisturizing and refreshing the skin and alleviating r..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
An easily absorbed, natural, oil free fluid gel, enriched with premium moisture binding ingredients, which instantly refreshes and increases the moisture binding capacity of the skin. Mimics the Moisturizing components naturally present in the skin. Excellent as an oily skin moisturizer, an instant ..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A local application, purifying astringent gel for Oily, problem skin, designed for both professional and home use.– Rapidly absorbed by the skin leaving an absorbent powdery film that soothes skin redness.– Enriched with purifying herbal astringents (Lichen, Mimosa and Myrrh) to support Oily skin hy..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
The rich polysaccharide content within Aloe Vera leaves serves as the basis for this pure soothing gel. It is extracted through a freeze drying process to obtain a pure, concentrated, unpreserved powder.Intensively hydrates the skin, making it ideal for calming and relieving skin redness. Excellent ..
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Brand: GiGi
A specific spot treatment gel, to reduce size,rednessand swellingof pimples. Formulated with natural ingredients that exhibit soothing properties. Compact and convenient to use.Directions: Apply directly to the affected area several times a day. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not rinse off...
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