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Anna Lotan Alodem Azulene Peeling Gel 50 ml

Anna Lotan Alodem Azulene Peeling Gel 50 ml
Anna Lotan Alodem Azulene Peeling Gel 50 ml
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An all natural, especially gentle formulation that provides mild exfoliation for even the most delicate of skin types. A luxuriously rich emollient lipogel that dissolves accumulated waste (dry sebum, makeup residues etc.) as it melts on the skin from body temperature. The hydrophilic nature of this gel allows fast and easy removal from the skin with plain water.
A vegetable origin emulsifier provides the hydrophilic (water friendly) link of this peel. Flower derivatives of Marigold and Chamomile (blue Guaiazulene) gently soothe this fragile skin type while emollient fruit Seed Oils (Olive, Macadamia and Jojoba), protected by vitamin E, provide softness to the skin. Totally natural and preservative free formula.

Directions: Apply a thin layer to facial areas where mild exfoliation is desired. Briefly massage with slow circular motions until the skin underneath feel smooth. A very slight warming may be felt initially. Add a little Collagel or plain water to form a milky emulsion and, finally, rinse off and pat dry.

Ingredients Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Glycerin, Polyglyceryl-5 Oleate, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Sea Water, Aqua, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Tocopherol, Beta-Sitosterol, Squalene, Guaiazulene.
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