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New Age

Brand: Anna Lotan
An exfoliating fruit acid (AHA) night cream that promotes skin renewal. Enriched with premium moisturizers (Hyaluronic Acid, Natural mineral water from Dead Sea and Gluconolactone) that serves as a natural preservative in the formulation. The rich moisturizers intensively hydrate the skin and consid..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A soft exfoliating fruit acid cream designed to enhance skin renewal. Cream ideal as a night care for mature or sun damaged skin. Sodium Hyaluronate increases skin hydration and eases the process of dead cell removal. Application at night will gradually reveal a fresh underlying skin layer that is s..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A refreshing facial toner containing exfoliating fruit acids, soothing Aloe juice and toning Cucumber extract. Tones, refines and enhances exfoliation. A well balanced NMF (Natural Moisture Factor) complex. Enhances skin softness. The ideal complement for skin renewal treatments.Directions: Use afte..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
This liquid soap performs an efficient facial cleansing and in addition plays an important part of an AHA skin renewal program for various types of skin (oily problem, mature or sun damaged skin).Contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids in order to enhance exfoliation of dead cells and promote renewal ..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A moisturizing, day cream which offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with added anti-wrinkle effect for all skin types. Serves as an optimal protection during rejuvenation treatments based on AHAs. Enriched with the Sepilift DPHP Complex which combines the amino-acid Proline with a penetration e..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
An active, oil free, fruit acid gel lotion. Acts as a "modular" exfoliating enhancer in order to accelerate cell renewal according to individual skin requirements.Enhances the effectiveness of New Age Cream or Emulsion once the skin has adjusted to the fruit acids.Serves as an activator for facial s..
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