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Brand: GiGi
A powerful eye cream with three varying concentrations of  hyaluronic acid to smooth wrinkles, deep moisturize and alleviate dryness. The innovative applicator maximizes the activity of the cream with an ergonomic vibrating ceramic tip, creating a sense of coolness, as it applies the cream to t..
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Brand: GiGi
Hyaluronic Acid Cream with three varying concentrations of H.A. to ensure wrinkle filling, deep moisturizing and increased levels of natural Hyaluronic Acid. The unique formulation comprises complex natural pure hyaluronic acid to create a multidimensional effect.The 3D H.A.moisturizer reduces the d..
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Daily use of the cleanser contributes to skin health, tissue integrity, increases and balances levels of skin moisture.The cleanser contains ingredients that nourish, protect, and revitalize, which contribute to the gentle cleansing of the skin without causing it to dry or become irritated.The clean..
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Brand: GiGi
A specific spot treatment gel, to reduce size,rednessand swellingof pimples. Formulated with natural ingredients that exhibit soothing properties. Compact and convenient to use.Directions: Apply directly to the affected area several times a day. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not rinse off...
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Brand: GiGi
The new mask, intended for home use, combines in its components two unique complexes and a chemical component that releases heat and energy in contact with the facial skin. The first complex contains  amino acid, some of which are hydrophilic, which serve as the building blocks for cell protein..
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Brand: GiGi
A night cream for rehabilitation and prevention of harmful environmental and radiation damage. Contains a complex of natural components which contend with the harmful effects resulting from exposure to all types of radiation. Smog, heavy metals, blue UV radiation from electronic screens. The NAP com..
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Brand: GiGi
Fine powder that combines microscopic grains of rice, oats, and vitamin C derivatives, effective as an exfoliator, which with the addition of water, effectively removes dead skin without causing irritation, or redness. Contains Salicylic Acid for gentle peeling and Allantoin to soothe the skin.Sugge..
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Brand: GiGi
A gentle cleansing soap combining a Vitamin C extract (Ester C) with Mandelic Acid for improving the skin’s texture and function. The soap removes residual make-up and dirt without causing dryness, as well as preparing the skin to absorb moisturizers and nutrients. The Mandelic Acid component does n..
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GIGI Ester C Night Renewal Cream 50 ml
Brand: GiGi
A night time moisturizer combining a derivative of Vitamin C with Mandelic Acid to accelerate the night renewal processes and repair damage that occurs during the day. It neutralizes oxidants that damage the skin during the day, lightens and dissolves melanin spots, increases production of elastic f..
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Brand: GiGi
A face cream rich in Vitamin C and effective lightening materials to ensure a uniform skin tone. This complex contains state-of-the-art ingredients acting directly on the tyrosinase enzyme that are responsible for dark melanin spots in the dermis layer and the enzymes that create the black-brown pig..
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Brand: GiGi
Moisturizing serum with a lightening effect and concentrated Vitamin C to improve the skin texture, lightening and unifying the color, and making the skin glow. The concentrated serum is rapidly absorbed without any sensitive reaction, serving as an effective antioxidant that prevents damage and enc..
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Brand: GiGi
A soaupy cleanser for all skin types of dirt, formulated to remove dirt particles, makeup and oily residues. Gently cleans without drying, freshens, leaving the skin feeling comfortably smooth and soft. Use daily morning and evening.Directions for Use: Massage a small amount of gel on wet skin, and ..
Ex Tax:30.25€
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