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Terms of sale of the gift card.

1. A gift card is not a security or a payment document.
2. The Gift Card gives the Bearer the right to buy goods from the range of the online store:, and the services of the Freya Estetica OU beauty salon, which corresponds to the face value of the Gift Card at the price at the time of purchase of the goods.
3. The right to use the Gift Card belongs to the person who presents it. A gift card has the form of a card, on which its unique individual code is applied.
4. The validity period of the Gift Card is indicated on the card and is 6 months.
5. The nominal value of the Gift Card is indicated in Euro. The buyer can choose the amount at will. The gift card may contain the amount or name of the product or service. The buyer sends his wishes to the mail: or by phone: 6 381 500
6. A gift card can be used once during its validity by paying in full the amount of its face value, presenting it when making a payment. Upon presentation of the Gift Card, it will be withdrawn.
7. A gift card can be personalized at the request of the buyer. (item 5)
8. When placing an order using a Gift Card, the buyer must provide the administrator with the serial number when confirming the order.
9. The purchase price may exceed the value of the Gift Card. In this case, the buyer must pay the difference between the value of the Gift Card and the value of the goods.
10. If the purchase price is less than the face value of the Gift Card, the difference is not returned to the buyer.
11. In case of termination of the sales contract and the return of goods purchased using the Gift Card, the refund for the goods is carried out by issuing a new Gift Card of the same denomination. If the value of the returned goods at the time of its purchase exceeded the face value of the Gift Card and the buyer paid the difference in cash, upon termination of the purchase and sale agreement, this amount of the difference is returned.
12. The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash or returned.
13. In case of loss, the Gift Card is non-refundable.
14. Only natural persons can pay for goods using a Gift Card. Legal entities cannot partially or fully pay for the purchase of goods of the Gift Card
15. When purchasing one unit of goods, there are no restrictions on the use of several Gift Cards.
16. The gift card can only be used on the spot in the beauty salon.
17. The administration of the online stores, has the right not to accept the Gift Card if it is damaged or there are doubts about its validity.
18. The administration of online stores, reserves the right to change the rules for using the Gift Card.

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