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Brand: Anna Lotan
A luxurious silky fluid serum that softens and replenishes the skin with premium moisturizers. Excellent for all skin types.Softens and replenishes the skin with premium moisturizers (Hyaluronic Acid, Pentavitin, Silk amino acids). Contains soothing components (Honeysuckle extract, Bisabolol and Alo..
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Brand: GiGi
A highly effective serum suitable for all skin types, it prevents skin aging and the formation of wrinkles. Provides intensive wide-ranging skin care during its natural aging and stress. Additionally, this serum provides a regeneration, hydration, nutrition and protection for the skin. After use, sk..
Ex Tax:54.17€
Brand: GiGi
Serum tightens the contour of the face and makes it shine from the inside. It combines the legendary healing energy of spirulina with a set of the strongest high-tech ingredients that provide the synthesis of nanoproteins – aquaporins. They form microscopic tubules through which water flows from the..
Ex Tax:45.00€
Brand: GiGi
Moisturizing serum with a lightening effect and concentrated Vitamin C to improve the skin texture, lightening and unifying the color, and making the skin glow. The concentrated serum is rapidly absorbed without any sensitive reaction, serving as an effective antioxidant that prevents damage and enc..
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Brand: GiGi
Concentrated moisturizing serum for treating exceptionally dry skin, sensitive skin and post cosmetic procedure skin. High concentration of the hydrating ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, achieves a dual purpose: maintains the skin’s natural moisture and increases the hydration level.How to use: Apply in ..
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Brand: GiGi
Serum enriched with vital ingredients for preserving bright, radiant looking skin. Contains a unique complex that transforms light into energy. Capsules of algae extract enveloped in a peptide conductor encourage the creation of energy required for renewal of the collagen fibers. The serum also cont..
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Brand: GiGi
A game changing Serum – clarifies and improves the texture of the skin, treats spots and uneven skin tone.Triple Power Brightening Serum contains retinoic, tartaric pyruvic, ferulic acids, as well as aloe vera juice, vitamin E and resveratrol. The use of serum is indicated for photoaging, dehydratio..
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Brand: GiGi
Innovative formula, with natural Vitamin E and herbal oils complex, instantly improves the skin by slowing down the aging process and protecting against environmental damage. This concentrated serum will keep skin hydrated throughout the day. May be used under moisturizer. Suitable for all skin type..
Ex Tax:45.50€
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