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Brand: GiGi
This liquid soap provides effective cleansing, and does not damage the natural flora. Has 5.5 pH level and protects against pathogenic bacteria.Contains active anti inflammatory, anti keratolitic and oil dissolving agents, which promote a aeon, smooth and glowing look.Directions: Wet palms with wate..
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Brand: GiGi
GIGI Lipacid Mask for Oily and Large Pore Skin.Oil absorbing treatment mask, cleanses and purifies skin, loosens dead calls and visibly shrinks pores.Contains anti-inflammatory active.After cleansing skin, apply a thin layer and leave for 15 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water. Recommended..
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Brand: GiGi
Light Moisturizing Lotion, easily absorbed and fat components. Creates a microscopic gentle protection to the skin prevent air pollution. Encourage recovery and healing, moisture Balance skin , helps overcome the inflammation in the skin. Contains protection against solar radiation. Without fragranc..
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