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Powerful gel that deeply cleanses and polishes skin for a smooth, radiant complexion, by slightly peeling the epidermis. It improves the effectiveness of creams and serums applied afterwards, making it the ideal first step of every facial and skin care routine. Suitable for all skin types.Directions..
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The last step in the skin cleaning process, this toner relaxes the skin, balances its pH level and prepares it for applying moisturizer and serum.Its exclusive anti-aging formula is also enriched with plant extracts that nourish and soften skin.Directions: Saturate a cotton ball with toner and wipe ..
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Innovative moisturizer that restores skin’s moisture reservoirs, as it protects it from harmful UVA and UVB radiation. Enjoy extended moisture and anti-aging benefits with a light, refreshing formula that absorbs quickly into the skin.This cream is formulated for combination – oily skin. Another ver..
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Double-action eye makeup remover that quickly removes even longwear and waterproof makeup, while protecting eyelashes from falling.Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lenses wearers, it leaves the eyelids’ skin moisturized and soft without an oily residue.Directions: Shake well before use. Satur..
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Innovative eye cream formula based on award winning ingredients. The cream diminishes wrinkles and expression lines, stimulates the production of new collagen fibers and instantly reduces Periorbital puffiness (puffy eyes) and black circles.Directions: Apply to eye area and dab gently with a fingert..
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Based on a combination of award winning ingredients, this mask enhances the appearance of the skin around the eyes. It reduces wrinkles, improves skin’s elasticity, provides immediate hydration and diminishes black circles and Periorbital puffiness (puffy eyes).Directions: Spread a thick layer over ..
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Regenerating therapeutic serum with an effect of mesotherapy.A restorer aimed at the intense stimulation of skin renewal processes and correction of age-related changes. The serum increases vitality, prevents skin’s “wear-out” and slows down the aging process of your skin cells. It protects you agai..
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Wake to better skin with this night cream that stimulates natural collagen production to restore volume, vitality and elasticity to aging skin. In addition to powerful anti-aging benefits, it nourishes and moisturizes skin for a refreshed appearance and soft texture upon waking.This cream is formula..
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NIGHT EXPERT CREAM is your special agent that helps you preserve the youthfulness of your skin. During sleep time, it activates your skin, restores vitality, and helps your skin look fresh and rested in the morning even if the nights are too short.Retinol is the basic component of this cream. It eff..
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Owners of dehydrated, flabby, lost skin tone will certainly love the oxygen cream Oxygen Filling Station | Light oxygen rejuvenating cream. Its unique formula is enriched with active ingredients that deeply moisturize, nourish cells, supply them with oxygen, and slow down the aging process. The crea..
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This cream is based on the same formula of RADIANCE++, but with higher concentrations of active agents that revitalize and provide deep nourishment to dry/extremely dry skin.A powerful vitamins-rich day moisturizer that provides ideal nourishment to promote soft, radiant and youthful-looking skin. T..
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For sensitive (hyper-reactive) skinA perfect example of high-tech HIKARI products provides instant comfort and intensive nourishment to extremely dry skin in the harshest of conditions.This rich melting cream is characterised by high concentrations of natural components. Grapeseed oil, shea butter a..
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