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Eye cream

Brand: Anna Lotan
A delicate, eye contour cream suitable for all skin types. Gentle plant oils and tree waxes enrich and soften the skin around the eyes.Rich in moisturizing agents and excellent for all skin types. Retinol and Vitamin E enrich the delicate eye area which is naturally lacking in sebum glands and prote..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A gentle fluid gel with a rich moisturizing complex that mimics the skin's own NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor).Contains a special “lifting” molecule that combines an oily derivative of Palm oil with the moisturizing aminoacid: Proline. In addition, it contains soothing Mallow extract that calms an..
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Brand: Anna Lotan
A quickly absorbed, delicate moisturizing cream-gel, suitable for all skin types, designed to enrich the tender eye contour are with effective moisture binding components(the salt of Hyaluronic acid; Dead Sea mineral water and Gluconolactone) which also serve in this formulation as a natural preserv..
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Brand: GiGi
Intensely moisturizing and nourishing, this moisturizer leaves skin feeling good all day long.Contains an innovative complex of active ingredients. Protects the epidermis from early UV damage, reinforces the effect of sunscreens, reduces the formation of free radicals caused by sun exposure and othe..
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Brand: GiGi
Powerful Eye CreamA moisturizer indicated for the eye contour exhibiting a soothing texture, for immediate and deep treatment of the skin.Assists in increasing moisture in the top layer and improving the storage of natural moisture in all layers.Skin-friendly formula, combined with the technology of..
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Brand: GiGi
A rich eye cream that  is enriched with vital ingredients that lightens the eye area, maintains elasticity, prevents sagginess and small fine lines. Contains a unique complex of capsules with algae extract enveloped in a peptide conductor that encourage the creation of energy required for the r..
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Brand: GiGi
Treatment cream specially formulated for the delicate eye area. Effective active ingredients and a high concentration of Vitamin E, will lighten dark circles and minimize fine lines. Provides wide spectrum protection. Regular use of the Vitamin E Eye Cream will prevent  the appearance of fine l..
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Innovative eye cream formula based on award winning ingredients. The cream diminishes wrinkles and expression lines, stimulates the production of new collagen fibers and instantly reduces Periorbital puffiness (puffy eyes) and black circles.Directions: Apply to eye area and dab gently with a fingert..
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Based on a combination of award winning ingredients, this mask enhances the appearance of the skin around the eyes. It reduces wrinkles, improves skin’s elasticity, provides immediate hydration and diminishes black circles and Periorbital puffiness (puffy eyes).Directions: Spread a thick layer over ..
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Regenerating therapeutic serum with an effect of mesotherapy.A restorer aimed at the intense stimulation of skin renewal processes and correction of age-related changes. The serum increases vitality, prevents skin’s “wear-out” and slows down the aging process of your skin cells. It protects you agai..
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