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Sensitive skin

Brand: GiGi
SPF 40 UVA/UVB high protection moisturizing sunblock adheres to new European standards and provides effective protection against UVA radiation that causes premature aging and cell breakdown. The new GIGI Sun Care moisturizing sunblock combine three actions in every application: effective and integra..
Ex Tax:35.67€
Regenerating therapeutic serum with an effect of mesotherapy.A restorer aimed at the intense stimulation of skin renewal processes and correction of age-related changes. The serum increases vitality, prevents skin’s “wear-out” and slows down the aging process of your skin cells. It protects you agai..
Ex Tax:33.00€
Owners of dehydrated, flabby, lost skin tone will certainly love the oxygen cream Oxygen Filling Station | Light oxygen rejuvenating cream. Its unique formula is enriched with active ingredients that deeply moisturize, nourish cells, supply them with oxygen, and slow down the aging process. The crea..
Ex Tax:50.42€
For sensitive (hyper-reactive) skinA perfect example of high-tech HIKARI products provides instant comfort and intensive nourishment to extremely dry skin in the harshest of conditions.This rich melting cream is characterised by high concentrations of natural components. Grapeseed oil, shea butter a..
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Night cream for oily and problematic skin, designed to destroy bacteria.Reversal Cream is a fountain of active ingredients that work in all directions to clear up any blemish.The cream is able to give amazing results in 2 weeks.Action:– Effectively reduces the number of acne, eliminates skin defects..
Ex Tax:28.42€
Balancing serum for oily and problem skin HIKARI REVERSAL FORTE SerumAction- Has a pronounced sebum-regulating property, prevents hyperkeratosis, has a calming effect, tightens pores.– The course use of the drug improves the appearance of the skin, evens out its texture and complexion, has a matting..
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