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HIKARI Reversal Cream 30 ml

HIKARI Reversal Cream 30 ml
HIKARI Reversal Cream 30 ml
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Night cream for oily and problematic skin, designed to destroy bacteria.

Reversal Cream is a fountain of active ingredients that work in all directions to clear up any blemish.

The cream is able to give amazing results in 2 weeks.


– Effectively reduces the number of acne, eliminates skin defects and counteracts the development of microorganisms responsible for the appearance of skin defects
- Has anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating and keratolytic effects
— Provides rapid skin regeneration, preventing the formation of post-acne scars and accelerating the resorption of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
– Regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands and normalizes the secretion of sebum, which reduces both excessive dryness and oiliness of the skin
- Additionally relieves irritation and moisturizes the skin, giving it a healthy look
- Activates the acceleration of cellular regeneration in various layers of the skin, while reducing its damage and surface irritation
- Suitable for both women and men (unisex)
- Has no age restrictions
How to use:
Spread the cream evenly on the skin of the face in a circular motion. Leave until completely absorbed. Apply at night. To achieve a pronounced effect, a course of 10-14 weeks is recommended.

To improve the result, apply Reversal Forte serum for problem skin under the cream.

Ingredients Азелаиновая кислота 15%, Молочная кислота, Dermasoft Decalcat (антибактериальный ингредиент, убивает все микро бактерии и , микроорганизмы, которые вызывают раздражение кожи), Микрокапсулированный ретинол, Колларен — биомиметический трипептид, Альфа-Бисаболол, Низкомолекулярная гиалуроновая кислота, Коктейль из провитамина B5, экстракта подорожника, мелиссы, чабреца и ромашки,
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