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Brand: GiGi
A soupy cleanser for all skin types of dirt, formulated to remove dirt particles, makeup and oily residues. Gently cleans without drying, freshens, leaving the skin feeling comfortably smooth and soft. Use daily morning and evening.Directions for Use: Massage a small amount of gel on wet skin, and t..
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Brand: GiGi
Delicate soap for skin cleansing, enriched with soothing and moisturizing ingredients. Helps t restore skin’s PH level Recovery is a line which was developed to meet the special needs of the skin, before and after beauty treatment, cosmetics surgery, deep peels or injections.Protect Your Skin from D..
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Brand: GiGi
Non-foaming Sea Weed Soapless Soap soap – well removes impurities and excess sebum, makes the skin dull, does not violate the skin’s pH, maintains the skin’s natural balance and moisture. A mild and effective cleanser removes dirt and excess sebum well.Method of application : apply soap on a damp fa..
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Brand: GiGi
The Vitamin E soap thoroughly cleanses the skin while maintaining a balanced 5.5 pH level. Contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera gel, Chamomile extract. Leaves skin smooth and refreshed. Rinse face and neck with warm water. How to use: Apply Vitamin E Cream Soap to face and neck, massage gently and wash off..
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Powerful gel that deeply cleanses and polishes skin for a smooth, radiant complexion, by slightly peeling the epidermis. It improves the effectiveness of creams and serums applied afterwards, making it the ideal first step of every facial and skin care routine. Suitable for all skin types.Directions..
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Double-action eye makeup remover that quickly removes even longwear and waterproof makeup, while protecting eyelashes from falling.Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lenses wearers, it leaves the eyelids’ skin moisturized and soft without an oily residue.Directions: Shake well before use. Satur..
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